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Films about being god @ Kreuzberg Pavillion

The ability to easily capture and reproduce not only the
visual characteristics of the gods, but also their patterns of movement
and their sound, has wide applications for godders in the field.
Most godwatchers will keep an eye on gods around them at all times but
will make specific trips to observe gods fulltime. The most active
times of the year for godding in temperate zones are during the spring
or fall migrations when the greatest variety of god may be seen. Early
mornings are typically better as the god is more active and vocal
making it easier to spot. (go-K-art-magazine – article on godwatcher
kalle von karl)

KREUZBERG PAVILLION 10.05.2012 Skalitzerstr. 86-91  20:00

the god watchers

Vorankündigung mit Filmstill KalleKarl,Vorankündigung in der TZ für Films about being god

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